Spirits’ How to write Tasting notes and Descriptions – Absolut Vodka case.

Following the previous post on how to write engaging cocktail menus and use appropriate copy to describe items I will expand with examples from Absolut Vodka.

Why Absolut vodka? well,

  1. Because I have this information handy.
  2. Because they were sold in +126 countries
  3. Because they won +400 ad awards and +40 online campaign awards
  4. Because it’s a company that has invested heavily in clever and tasteful publicity and copy since its very beginnings. It is a brand that was inspirational and aspirational both for consumers and bartenders and left nothing to chance. They knew how to grab people’s attention. A forward thinking company with spectacular global sales that helped put bartenders in the right place and cocktails back in the map.

Here a few examples they used the world over, pay attention to the use of descriptors.

Absolut Vodka, Is made from winter wheat grown in the rich fields of southern Sweden. We use a process called continuous distillation to remove impurities. A method so efficient it eliminates the need of filtration. All water used comes from our own deep well. Absolut vodka has a rich taste, is smooth and mellow, with a distinct  character of grain.

Absolut Citron,  is made form citrus fruits. Lemon is dominant, but other citrus  flavours are added to give a fuller flavour. Absolut citron has a distinct character of lemon and lime with a hint of sweetness.

Absolut Mandrin, is made from citrus fruits. Mandarin and orange are dominant, but other citrus flavours are added to give a fuller flavour. It has a distinct character of mandarin and orange, with a hint of sweetness.

Absolut Vanilia, is made form natural vanilla. To reflect the full potential of the vanilla flavour, all parts of the pod are used. Absolut Vanilia has a rich, robust and complex taste of vanilla with notes of butterscotch and hints of dark chocolate.

Absout Raspberri, has the wild, rich and intense taste of ripened raspberries with a fresh and fruity finish. Made from all-natural ingredients and without any added sweetener.

Absolut Pears, has a fresh delicate taste of mellow pears and a long fruity aftertaste.


It is interesting to me how they followed a template, like in the case of Citron and Mandrin. If you do the same, it will help you organize your menu and facilitate the process for your guests. Your voice has to be the same through all your ad, and it has to be complimentary to your products. When you look at the brand’s cocktail pictures and drink styling, they still have the same voice. As they put it “One Global spirit, many Cultures”

image, ad and voice is complementary.

Do you know any other brand that has done such a great use of copy? do you have any examples?

I would love to know them, feel free to share them….or I’ll give you a warm Absolut Apeach shot next time I see you!

Be my guest, Lucas Ranzuglia

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