22 Ideas to improve your sales. – part 1, first 11 ideas.

Need to improve your sales and do not how to? here we have  22 ideas,
Part 1,  11 ideas
Part 2, the last 11 ideas (to be published on April 30th)

  1. Pay for your free drinks.

It is sometimes common practice or a matter of courtesy giving away free drinks to special guests; however today’s savvy guests know it’s not coming out from the manager pocket but from the owners pocket and the impact is not that great. Indeed it can encourage the group to come back expecting more free drinks. A way to avoid this is to establish a money limit policy and give that amount of cash to the manager who whenever pays with actual cash the tab of the special guests is leaving a long lasting impression. The bartender gets to keep a small tip so your costs don’t skyrocket while your staff remains happy. It is important in this procedure that the manager understands he is representing your place and not himself, put it in practice only when you know your manager is going to stay working with you for a long time.

  1. Display what you sell.

In the same manner a boulangerie displays its breads and home backed pastries; you should do it with your best products. Are you using fresh fruits or herbs? Set it in bowls and display it. Do you want to sell Mojitos? Display fresh mint and even try way aromatizing the space.

  1. Subtle messages matter.

What your staff and bartenders say matters since they convey subtle messages. Spending some time considering the way your staff approaches the guests can result in differentiation from competitors. While your staff should be professional enough to know how to handle different guests, there are certain principles that you can set. For example, saying “no problem” when asked for something by a guest indicates that it may have been a problem, but in this time is not.  Want another is less professional than asking “how was your drink? Can I fix you another one or offer you X or Y?”

Words and phrases you use should show that you’re glad people are there and that you are happy to serve them. It will pay off in better guest’s satisfaction and sale opportunities, resulting in higher checks and tips.

  1. Head hunt attitude and Hospitality.

When you look for staff, be picky. You are hiring those who will represent your values and drastically impact your business. Hire for the smile, the ethics, attitude, and commitment. Do not doubt to ask for and check out for references. When interviewing look for hospitality values a smile when adequate and common sense are the heart of the industry.

  1. Train your staff, tell them what to say.

Nothing can ruin your business as an uneducated front of the house. Be sure to train your staff on what you sell, your products, and categories and why you are different from the competitors.

Hire external training programs, ask drinks companies for staff trainings, use your chef or managers for internal staff training. Train them in the basics of different categories, the brands you carry, plan tasting sessions so they can sale them easier, increase revenue and get better tips with less effort.

Do you have signature drinks or dishes? Are you serving a week special? Are you using any uncommon ingredients? Make sure your staff tastes what you sell.

You may argue that staff training is too expensive and in most cases the leave anyway, but what if you don’t train them and they stay…

  1. Congratulate your Staff doing well.

Whenever your staff does something good, big or small, recognize them as soon as you can; if it is something inspiring make sure the rest of the staff knows about it in a team meeting or with a personal comment.

If you can give the staff some prize, a ticket to a movie theater, a gift card, a book or something they are interested about. Something meaningful to them can bring great benefits to your bar with a very low cost.

  1. Make sure your bartenders are having fun

It doesn’t mean that they should be getting drunk. That is a myth in most cases. What is real is that a bar where bartenders are to frantic and forgets to smile is not giving a good service, regardless of how fast drinks are being served. If your staff doesn’t enjoy being there neither will the guest.

  1. Work along your bar team

Control your temperament when talking to your staff or your team. Especially once the place is open, better wait to have conversations at the end of the shift or the following day.

Avoid using your rank in sentences, for example “As the owner, I…..” or  “….because I am the manager”, and for God sake! Don’t do it if you are the bar manager, you will certainly ruin your bar team. They state something obvious and sound authoritative, staff usually doesn’t appreciate being treated as less when they are in the front row (well, never actually), all of you together make a team and they are not your soldiers.

As an owner it may be a big chance that you don’t live paycheck to paycheck like the rest of us. So whenever you can try to avoid showing your fortune to the rest of the team. If you have a luxury car, park out of view and walk one block for example. It will prevent negative consequences and make you look like one of the team.

  1. Use social media to increase transit and revenue

While you can hire professional agencies to this for you, there are a few tricks you can do yourself. For example, tweet a secret word with a special offer. Promote a special event, share pictures of your drinks, share recipes, share information on a special ingredient you are using.

If you share something exciting, they will share it with their “Friends” and expand your customers base.

  1. Suggestive Selling – Increase Sales and Guest Satisfaction

Train your staff so they are able to make suggestions. Short description of options opens the doors for selling premium items or the one that brings higher benefits for your business. Guest will start trusting on your staff planting the seed for future sales.

  1. Infusions and home-made products

Find a nice container and fill it with something special according to your concept. Create a flavor that your competitors can’t duplicate. Place it in a prominent space in your front bar so guest can see it and create word of mouth. There you have a conversation starter. You must check your local regulations to make sure you are infusing something legal.

Put them in practice and let us know your results,

Be my guest, Lucas Ranzuglia


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