A little Mezcal has kept me busy

I know I have not being updated this blog as much as I’d like to in the past couple of months. But I have a good excuse and she is called “Mezcal”. With a capital “M”. The opening of the new mezcaleria La Urbana (www.laurbanasf.com) has been a very intense and happy project, and it is still in needs of attention, as a new born baby that feeds you back with smiley faces, but also shouting in the middle of the night. This is the 10th restaurant I open form scratch, and the most fun project so far.

It has been a very enriching experience so far, working along fantastic professionals such as restaurateur and architect Juan Garduño (http://www.notonlyarchitects.com/), chef Julio Aguilera and Ben Klein, GM Joel Ocariz and Alma Espinola, along restaurateurs and businessmen Eduardo Rallo and Alessandra Bonisoli.

In The meantime I got to meet a lot of people and to give a few interviews on Mezcal, here’s a link to one published on Conde Nast Magazine on how to choose mezcales form a menu. Hope it helps and leads you to be found that mezcal, remember that you don’t find mezcal, but mezcal finds you.


Thank you for being on the other side, and reach out if you have questions or comments!

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