Another drink Mr. Bond, James Bond?

A lot had been said about James Bond and his Vesper Martini, a fantastic cocktail actually. We heard lots of complaints regarding Mr. Bond drinking habits in his last films,”Bond drinking a Mojito?! Mr. Bond drinking a Heineken?!” Outrageous comments came from right and left!

However the film director was being loyal to Mr. Bond traditions: diversity in the cocktails and abundant product placement. Lets review the story and think about how can we make good use of this in our bar to increase sales and provide a fun time to our guests.

“One medium dry vodka Martini, mixed like you said, sir, not stirred” the server says to Mr. Sean Connery in Dr. No (the first Bond Book made into a movie). From then on the vodka Martini, the Vesper Martini, and Smirnoff vodka have been crony companions of  James Bond. But lets not forget all the other drinks, lets list them,

  1. He orders an Americano at a French resort bar (his first cocktail actually, in the book Casino Royale). Mr. Bond said, “one cannot drink seriously in French Cafes..out of doors on a pavement in the sun is no place for vodka or gin or whiskey”
  2. A Miller High life beer.  Yes.  James bond drinks a beer. It was a Miller at that time, is a Heineken in his last movie. Same product placement technique, different check.
  3. In Jamaica he drunk Gin & tonics heavy on the lime juice.
  4. In Geneva, Enzian (a spirti distilled from gentian).
  5. in Athens: Ouzo.
  6. Turkey: Raki.
  7. At the Saratoga racetrack he drinks Old fashioned and Bourbon and water.
  8. He also drinks Mint juleps.
  9. Back in London he order a Black Velvet.
  10. And of Course he drinks his Vesper Martini (3 parts Gordon’s gin, 1 part Vodka, 1/2 part Kina Lillet. Shaken, lemon twist) The Vesper martini gets its name from agent Vesper Lynd, a favored one by Mr. Bond. controversy arises referring the vermouth, Did Mr. bond refer to Kina Lillet or the vermouth Lillet blanc made by the firm Lillet?
  11. And Finally a plain Vodka martini in Live and let die.

Now lets get creative and think about the promotions, menu sections, special nights we can do with all these 007 alternatives and don’t forget Mr. Bond tradition: product placement. Ask your brand rep. for support and they’ll be gladly help you as most of the time they ran out of idea themselves.

What about a Ernest Hemingway Vs. James Bond menu?

Be my guest!

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